DROP-N. KIOSIDIS SA is a modern production unit that is active in the manufacture and marketing of irrigation equipment and water treatment systems and through its many years of experience is able to offer reliable solutions with a series of products specially manufactured for each case. The philosophy and culture of the company regarding the quality of its products, its services and the protection of the environment, are the trigger for the implementation of a Management System, which is harmonized with the international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

As part of the Management System, the company's Management is committed to:

• To take care of the continuous improvement of business processes for the efficient operation of the company.

• Satisfy the requirements / expectations of the customers.

• To face the threats and take advantage of the opportunities that appear.

• Take measures to prevent environmental pollution.

• It complies with legislative and regulatory provisions, bilateral signed agreements, as well as with any other type of compliance requirement notified by the state.

• It carries out all the necessary actions to improve the effectiveness of the Management System.

These commitments are the pillars for:

• The design of a Management System, through which all threats and opportunities, environmental aspects, as well as any compliance obligation are recognized and assessed, thus setting the appropriate actions for their management.

• The availability of all human resources, as well as the necessary logistical resources.

• The implementation of all those actions, which are necessary for the utilization of resources for the benefit of the whole.

• The promotion of solutions aimed at customer satisfaction, green development as well as the improvement of labor relations.

• The communication with all interested parties, in the context of the information effort, but also the establishment of actions to prevent/avoid adverse situations and implement improvement actions.

• Monitoring the performance of the System in order to achieve the company's goals.

DROP-N. KIOSIDIS SA operates within the general framework of sustainable development, which it wants to serve. In this direction, he designed the Management System, which he implements with respect for people and the environment. This policy is an institutional tool for the operation of the company, available to anyone who requests it and is updated during the annual management review or whenever deemed necessary.


Theofylaktos Kiosidis