Amongst others, in our effort to contribute to sustainable development according to Sustainable Development Goals

DROP SA has achieved the creation of a new product line with a special orientation to environment.

The ECO-Green Line has reduced non-recyclable materials, has minimized the raw materials and has improved the production process. Those improvements make the new Eco-Green Line not only more affordable but also with higher environmental benefits.
Environmental protection is an unconditional commitment of our company, along with all quality management systems applied and the products / services provided. Taking this fact into account, the company DROP SA is committed to implement an environmental management system, providing the necessary resources to constantly improve its performance.

The environmental goals are reviewed at regular basis in order to confirm their achievement, the continuous improvement of the environmental impact and their compliance with the Environmental Policy.
Some of the environmental management programs implemented by our company are:

• Iron Recycling

• PVC recycling

• Paper recycling

• Stainless Steel Recycling

• Bronze recycling

• Copper Recycling

• Packaging Materials Recycling

• Recycling of liquid and solid acid